Friends, congratulations to you, Okafrica Kitale-IMOCE. Thank God for each of you. Rest time – our students. Kids love not only to play but also love to sing. I study songs with movements with them.

On the embryo we study verses from the Bible with the help of moving games. It was nice to see how well the guys work in the team. Support smaller ones, perform tasks together. Thank God for these qualities in their character.

This Sunday they had final tests with teenagers on the topics of previous meetings. A large number of children received high scores. Thank God that teenagers listen to and memorize Bible stories. Quite a few teenagers have a desire to glorify God by singing. After adolescence we have time to sing. We are preparing for the outpatient clinic. We sort drugs.

Thank you friends for your support. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the people of Kenya. This is very valuable to me. Be blessed.

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