Greetings dear friends! Since February, my family and I have been living and working at AFM Mercy Ministry in a small village near the city of Bungoma. The mission was founded 6 years ago by Jeffrey and Stephanie Bis, a family from Texas. They live here with 7 children and opened an orphanage, a school, and a church.

The orphanage now has 110 pupils aged from one month to 16 years. These are orphans, and children from dysfunctional families, some of them were confiscated by the police from human traffickers. About 250 children from the surrounding villages and from the orphanage study at the school.

There are more than 500 parishioners in the church. On the basis of the mission, we opened a medical office, where pupils and employees, school students, and their parents who live nearby receive advice and treatment.

In May and June, there was a serious outbreak of typhoid fever and amoebic dysentery in our region, more than half of the children and workers were ill. By the grace of God, the outbreak was defeated

At the beginning of May, Stan Kiosa, my friend from California, came to visit us. He is about to enter medical school and wanted to help out and gain medical experience in a mission. At the end of June, he fell ill with tropical malaria, the most severe form – cerebral, in which the brain is affected. He fell into an unconscious state in a day, I took him to the nearest hospital in the city of Eldoret, where he spent 3 weeks in intensive care, in a very serious condition. I was with him all month.

On Monday we were discharged, we live in an apartment not far from the hospital, because. he still needs regular blood tests, he can’t walk on his own yet, and he needs time for rehabilitation, which will take 1-2 weeks before he can fly home.

Thanks for the prayers and support!

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