Hello precious ones from Kenya, Mission Assist in Action! We are waiting for your visit! Catch some news from the last few days.

The children’s church is growing and developing, we are nurturing local leaders. As always, the Lord does not leave our children and every time there is some kind of food for them. Children are really grateful and are always waiting for this EAT block.

The Bible lesson each time in different forms, this time in the form of an EXPERIMENT.

Many children are sick with HIV and various diseases … so when children miss a service, we visit with the leaders and pray for healing and, if possible, help with medicine. This week we had guests from America Tanya Pekun, Alla Agafonova and their team …. it was POWERFUL and blessed for us and our people.

Visiting kids and preteens. There is so much pain, all the children are abandoned, the mother brews alcohol, puts her daughter into prostitution and the kids grow up in this atmosphere.

Praise the Lord for the wait that we can give, since the first thing they are fighting for is renting an apartment, then food and sometimes training … Praise the Lord for you precious ones. Thank you very much for your loyalty and dedication! I pray for you and fast for you dear ones! Bless you.

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