Hello everyone! I’d like to share the latest updates here on the mission field. We got to go back to the slum to encourage the youth who received Jesus a few weeks ago, and we also got to share the gospel with their Muslim friends. Homegroup/bible study in the village- around 20 of them received Jesus and we gather with them every week to study the bible and teach them how to grow in Christ. Kids ministry in the village, this week we got to teach them that Jesus loves children and hears their prayers. We got to visit a few needy families in the village and give some food to them and encouraged them and pray for them.

This brother received Jesus, but was struggling financially, had a very unstable job, got kicked out of the house because he couldn’t pay rent and he also has to take care of his little brother.. praise God we were able to help him start a small business so he can take care of himself and his brother. Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support!! God bless you!!!

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