Good day))

Some news about the ministry in Kitale, Kenya.

The week began with help from the Embrace Street children’s center.

  • made a video tour about the center, made a post on Instagram
  • Together with Olya, we dismantled a warehouse with things, and sorted out new arrivals.
  • Developed the design of plates for classes with verses from the Bible (14 pcs.)

The main event was the children’s evangelization project – HAPPY TIME.

  • how the person responsible for food was engaged in the purchase of products and cooking on the project itself
  • finalized and prepared for publication a booklet on Dudu prevention.
  • Prepared 2 posters for children to be trained during the project.
  • helped directly on Dudu clinic. Supervised processes, and gave out new shoes to children.
  • made a photo and video filming of the project.

Since it is now the rainy season in Kenya, socks were bought with Olya for the children from the Feeding project. Some of the children do not even have shoes, so of course, they were very happy with the new clothes.

More than 53 children left with warm and dry feet. Thank God!!!

The last 4 days have been dedicated to renovating the Embrace canteen. Preparing the premises for the “Birthday” of the center.

Together with the team, we are nearing completion. Thank you for your support and opportunity to serve. It’s a great privilege to be here! Thanks

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