Good day. We are glad to share with you the events of the past week. In the rehabilitation center “Embrace” we had a cooking lesson, this time we cooked donuts with chocolate, we try to cook more sweets with them, as this contributes to the fastest recovery from drug addiction. Every other day, the reception of patients in the church is still the same, recently malaria has been exacerbated. We visited the families of the children from the project, we are glad even for small good changes. We pray for them, love them, and worry about them.
We were able to help with new shoes for the school. In addition to families, we go to bandage the seriously ill and those who are seriously injured. Thanks to you, we were able to bless one of these families with a bed, this girl, who still lives as a sister and brother, did not expect that we brought the bed to her home to collect. So much happiness, beyond words … her first bed in her life. In the photo, she shows where she sleeps with her grandmother, sister, and little brother. We are trying to make the guys from the “feeding” project just be children after work, school, and domestic work.
The week was busy and it is not always possible to tell everything in order. one such story in the middle of the week. Today they brought to church a family with “Dudu” (sarcopsylosis) for half a day, they pulled these parasites from the mercilessly strewn legs of children. Immediately after being taken out and processed, fed, and sent home. A little later, they learned that there was nothing to eat at home, and with God’s help they helped with food. Thank you to everyone who supports our ministry in Kenya, we pray and bless you.

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