Good afternoon, dear friends! Our crisis center “Little Mama” spent one more week in Germany. The school holidays in our land are over, and the children have gone to school until the end of July. For our children and mothers, this is a very interesting experience, since children in Ukraine study until the end of May.

In the last days of the holidays, we made a trip to Liebenzell Castle – it’s about 2 km into the mountains and our city is visible from a bird’s eye view.

On Sunday, a Christian Mission in our city invited us to international service. It was an unusual experience where we prayed for the first time in Ukrainian, German, English, and Arabic.

Today, a representative of the IMOCE Mission Natalya visited us to support us on behalf of the Mission and personally Anatoly Petrovich, spend time with us, learn our news and needs, and write down all our stories of the war and specifically about the situation in Mariupol first hand.

Many thanks to the IMOCE Mission for the care and support of our ministry over the years, even here, far from home, we feel your care, the warmth of your hearts, and your love.

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