Peace to you all in Christ! The team from Kenya, Kitale wishes you a blessed evening and good mood. There is a Sunday school where many young children need to know Christ.

This Sunday, the children were told about the Good Samaritan. For an illustrative example, the children made a small sketch. A child feeding project, the children received new board games, which they enthusiastically started playing.

They also made several card methodical games for children, for the development of memorization “find a couple” (fruits, colors, professions, sea animals) and “Find a home for animals”. Fun, interesting, useful, children can memorize new words in English. Embeys and time of needlework, and games with children.

I like to see new faces of children and their smiles. Clinic where patients are not only adults but unfortunately children.

While helping Nastya at the clinic, I learn a lot about how to provide medical care. Thank you for being you and for your willingness to help.

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