Hello. Today I will talk about the CHILD SPONSORSHIP project, for which I am responsible here. The essence of the project is to send children from the slums to school. There is no free education in Kenya. Many slum dwellers are uneducated and undocumented. They can neither read nor write. But everyone understands the value of education, and everyone dreams of sending their children to school. Today we have more than 550 children in the project and all of them attend school. All these children are from very poor families, where many still eat hot meals once every two days. Even 6 years ago, all these children did not attend school, and many of these children were sold by their parents into prostitution for a plate of food.

Today, our church goes to the house of every family from the church and tries to help as much as possible in this matter. We find so-called sponsors for children who are ready to support at least one child with a certain amount every month. With these finances, we pay for the school and buy the necessary things, and we send photos to sponsors.

April 26 is the start of a new school year. And now I hold many meetings with students and their parents. And, of course, we continue to feed, deliver beds and provide all possible assistance! Thank God He covers the needs, and we are always rich in His good deeds!!! +5 people (children) added to the project FEEDING (daily)

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