Brothers and sisters, greetings from the warmer parts. Kenya, Kitale, Our children in Africa. Every Sunday, our slum children have the opportunity to attend Sunday school. Children listen to biblical stories, study Bible verses, pray together, and do needlework. Thank God for this opportunity. Embrace (Rehabilitation Center for Street Children) Children of all ages who need your attention and your time.

By spending time with them, you can learn more about them and build relationships, as well as influence them. It’s interesting to watch our guys on Embrays change. Slum feeding project. These are also children of different ages, come to eat and have fun. Every child is special, and everyone needs love. We try to teach them and influence them. I am very grateful to God that I can be useful for these children and this person. I am also grateful to you for supporting me and praying for me. God bless you!

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