My name is Pavlova Kristina, Kitale/Kenya) Christmas week news.

We continue sports training with my #onewayjesus team. I train the leader how to teach others, how to explain correctly, control the load, correct the correct execution.

It’s a joy to see the fruits of your time and hard work. How much the guys are becoming more responsible, proactive and responsive towards me as a coach, and towards each other. Every training session, we pray that Jesus will transform us and bring us closer to Himself… Now I see how His work is bearing fruit and how children feel the love of Christ through our ministry

Made about 50 new bracelets in support of Ukraine with women from the slums.

She organized another performance of the Christmas performance for the holiday on December 25th.

I held a dress rehearsal, together with my athletes they set up the scenery and decorated the stage. Dressed the actors and was on sound and screen accompaniment.

After the performance, she was engaged in the analysis of costumes, washing fabrics from the scenery, etc.

I also held the first trial drawing lesson with the leaders of my team. It was a very edifying time, the lesson was accompanied by worship music and the reading of the Word of God.

Also this week I managed to find a sponsor for another one of my guys. Thank God!!! I continue to negotiate with all sponsors, make purchases for children and keep records.


I bought gifts for the kids for the holidays. There are 18 people in our team, for each toothpaste, brush and sweets.

Thank you so much for your support, without you none of this would have been possible!

May the Lord bless you and your families!