Greetings, dear friends, God is good, and He allows us to pray, be jealous, knock on the sky.

Today is the day of prayer for our mission. For all the people who serve in our mission, for all sponsors, for each missionary, for partner churches and missions, for mission trips, for projects through which the Gospel is preached, we pray for the humanitarian department, about countries, where to serve is our mission, that God would guide us where we can be useful!

God bless, he will hear our prayers, give us strength and the opportunity to go further! And I would like to tell you a little about the ministry of our team in Africa. During this short time, the team managed to do a lot and serve in many directions.

They served the widows with the grocery bags. We visited an orphan house in Kisumu “Daddy’s Home”.  Some of the families had to travel across a swamp; these families live around the future meetinghouse. Friends, many thanks to everyone who supported and supports the missionary tours, who support the ministry of the mission! The Word of God spreads and works of mercy are done !!!

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