Kenyan Jumbo for you! Translated from the local dialect, this is a greeting! Today I will talk about part of the HELP project – bed ministry

In the slums, children sleep on the floor with bags of old clothes. In their clay rooms, you will not find a BED, and according to local stories, this is a luxury that the rich and whites can afford (whites are automatically considered rich here).

We have heard many stories of Mice biting children’s fingers at night if they didn’t wash their hands well after eating, or if they didn’t clean the crumbs off the floor.

It is cold to sleep on a clay inset floor. Children often have runny noses and coughs, and the lack of a mosquito net results in children getting malaria every month. As a church, we dream of feeding the hungry, hugging the lonely, and giving sleep to the weary. We dream of giving EVERY child a bed. We carry and install immediately two-tier. It works out cheaper and saves space in, so, in a cramped room. Our set includes a bed, two mattresses, two pillows, two blankets, and a mosquito net. While we are installing the bed, we often hear thanks from parents! And how often, in 99% of cases, they say: this is our first bed in life!!!!

Over the past two weeks, we have raised money for another bed for this girl and her baby. She was dumped by her boyfriend because she didn’t have an abortion. From the grief of the girls, she came to our church to ask for food. Since then, in every service, she is in the church, and her baby is in her arms! We want to help her and this week I will go and install a bed for them! Thank God that at such a time there are many people who are ready to do good deeds! I send a big hello to everyone! And thank you for your support for me!

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