Hello everyone!

I’d like to share some news from Kisumu. Despite the rains and flooded homes, we continue to bring good news to these people and spread joy. My name is Natalia, and I’ve been serving on the mission for over 6 years. All this time since the last report, I’ve been preparing for a camp and getting the local team ready. The camp lasted for 3 days, so the preparation took a while. Now it’s vacation time.

We decided to take advantage of the moment and organize a 3-day camp for children aged 9 to 13! Over 350 children accepted our invitation! Just take a look at this queue. Each child received a notebook and a pen as a gift. We fed the kids twice – with snacks and lunch. Thanks to IMOCE for the financial support in this camp. In addition to a vibrant and rich program of team games, creative activities, lively dances, movie nights, breakfasts, and lunches, a key focus for us was and remains Christ. Throughout all three days, we talked about important things – how to be in sync with Christ, how to always be connected with Him, and of course, on the last day, we discussed what needs to be done to become a new creation in Christ. Our theme was “Connected,” so there were many examples involving electrical appliances, phones, and Wi-Fi. Many kids went to pray with a prayer of repentance. We had small groups after each sermon so that children could better understand, discuss, and ask questions that were on their minds. We also had a wonderful time of prayer and worship. For this, we organized an evening meeting where we could be in God’s presence together and praise Him in songs.

We hope to believe that everything that happened at this camp will leave a deep and vivid mark in the lives of these children. Thank you very much for the opportunity to conduct “Happy Time.” This time, the program became part of the camp. We had a colorful festival. Gifts for every child. It truly brought a lot of happiness to the children. Thank you IMOCE once again for the financial support of “Happy Time” in Kenya. May God bless each one of you! Thank you for the opportunity to serve this nation and bring Christ to orphans and the marginalized.