Hello everyone!

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I’d like to share the latest updates here on the mission field. Bangladesh slum: a new slum that God has to lead us to, it has a lot of poverty, alcoholism, drug addictions, witchcraft, lack of water, and early deaths. We got to share the gospel with some of the people there and also encourage the youth there, please keep us in your prayers as we go out to minister there. Miritini slum: while they were remodeling the church we got to help out and also preach the gospel to them, 4 of them gave their lives to Jesus praise God! There is a big problem of drinking in Miritini, we got to walk around the slum and preach the gospel, in this picture, these people were drinking and invited us to sit with them and they were asking many questions and were very open to hearing about Jesus. Thank you everyone for your prayers and financial support! God bless you all!!

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