Greetings from the equator
My name is Natasha and I am serving on a mission of “assistance” in Kisumu, Kenya.
I would like to share with you some news from the mission and some testimonies that took place during these two weeks.
We held two very different teen ministries.
At the first one, we first fed our princes with bread with nut butter and cocoa. It was cool, so it was just right.
We showed the children a skit about Jesus stopping the storm. We talked about how important it is to realize that Jesus is in control of everything. And even when you feel like you are in the middle of a storm, He is with you and gives you peace.

We split into groups and talked about this topic, and asked the teenagers if they had talked to God and tried to hear Him. A little girl raised her hand and said that when she was walking home from school upset, we prayed and God gave her the word “I love you.”
We also had an evening of praise and worship. We had 4 stations where we said that in Christ we are saved, loved, free and we are his chosen people.
Then we had a time of worship. We worshipped together, then we wrote down what God had revealed to them personally and then we prayed for them with the leaders. One of the leaders shared that one teenager said he would like to see or feel God. This really touched the leader who prayed for him. He said, “You know, this is what every leader dreams of – that the kids would want to have a personal encounter with God. A personal relationship.”
As part of the same ministry, we are planning to hold a three-day camp during the holidays.
Today we had a meeting with some of the leaders and made a time table for 3 days, what we would like to do and what we would need to buy. Almost three hours of communication went by completely unnoticed.
We also have meetings with the team every Saturday.
This Saturday we decided to celebrate the September birthdays of the leaders.
We got together with the girls earlier and made charlotte. For some, it was their first birthday celebration. The guy is 23 years old, and it was the first time he had their birthday cake and the first time they sang “happy birthday” to him. He did not even understand when and how to forget the candles. He shared that he realized what family in Christ means.
We also visited three families who really needed help.
This family has 5 children and a mother. The father appears from time to time. Without exaggeration, they live in a 2-by-2 meter room. All 6 of them sleep on a papyrus mat and are covered with blankets with holes in them. The closet is a basin, and the same basin is their bathroom. A small bench replaces a sofa, a table, and a chair.
At one service, I was struck by a boy who had been wearing a torn T-shirt for several months. We bought him some clothes and went to visit his family. We also took some food. When we arrived, he was washing that torn T-shirt. He has a good family – mom, dad, and 8 brothers and sisters. We realized that the food would be enough for one time, if it was enough. The parents try to work to have a place to live and send their children to school. But they don’t always have enough money to buy clothes.
And in some families, the mother raises the children alone. She lives alone in a small house made of clay mixed with garbage and sticks, where only two beds fit, but she keeps it clean and tries to work part-time to have food.
We had a good opportunity to remind her that Jesus is always with her, to bless her with rations and to pray.
I am very grateful to you that I can serve these people, the pritins, and the children here. Thank you for your prayers and financial support. May God bless you.

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