News from Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga. I am very happy to be able to serve the orphans here. And I rejoice even more because I have you, the people who support me prayerfully and financially. In this way, you participate in the lives of our children from “Daddy’s House” and together we can give them love and warmth. As always, I spend a lot of time with them. She was with them almost every evening this week. She listened to them and bought the necessary things as needed. For example, the boys’ school shoes broke. I went and bought a lot of such trinkets.

This week, almost the whole day was spent with the two older children in the hospital. The boy was diagnosed with severe malaria, the girl had to have her teeth treated.

We have a Bible study every evening after dinner. I had the opportunity to see how they conduct it and conduct it myself. I really love when they have worship evenings. This is twice a week.

On Saturday, we had a very serious “Saturday night”, we washed things together, washed windows and walls, and cleaned the shelves and store rooms. It even came to plastering the walls and repairing sockets. Together we did it in a day and with pleasure.

On Wednesday we had a preteens ministry for children from 9 to 12 years old. About 270 children came to the meeting. We try very hard to feed them. This time there was delicious porridge (porridge, which is very similar to jelly) and banana. Although we have banana trees on every corner, for children to get fruit is something extraordinary.

We feed not only their body but also their spirit. We are preparing an interesting program for them. Every time it is something new. Last time, our highlight was a tropical downpour. I was worried about the children, it was cold, and they were running out of harm’s way to the church in the pouring rain… and that didn’t stop them. The team did a great job. We spend a lot of time on Bible lesson. This time, a boy from the team was supposed to preach, but the noise of the dose covered everything. Nothing was heard. We are flexible in this regard. We did not stop the service… At one point, we simply asked the children to close their eyes and listen to the mighty thunder and rain now… and to imagine that this rain and thunder give glory to God. We smoothly transitioned into an evening of praise and worship. And it was the best thing that could happen. We praised the Creator together with nature.

I thank you very much for your financial and prayer support. I am glad that together we can serve our God in all corners of the world. May the Lord bless you.

by Nata Yevtyshuk

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