Good evening everyone from Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga. To reach the goal, you need to do with constancy what God said. Therefore, my work seems monotonous, but each time it is new people, new testimonies, and emotions. This week I continued to teach the guys from the Year for God project. In the process of studying, I not only teach, but I talk a lot with them about the topic, what they have learned, what they see in their lives, and what needs to be changed. They are great, they make us happy!

There was also a meeting with one of my four. Very cool, deep communication. Spent my African Homework. I also continue to meet with people for membership and counseling.

The woman came depressed, with suicidal thoughts with the Spirit of infirmity. Received a release. She left happy, glorified God!

Praise the Lord that He moves and acts in every meeting, in every service! It is an honor to serve Him and His children here in Kenya. Thank you for your work, support and finances. May His work multiply and spread throughout the Earth! We are rewarded in heaven!

by Tanya

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