Greetings from Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga. Thank God for the wonderful opportunity to serve God with you. I really want to share what services were held last week.

Since I am responsible for the “Daddy’s home” shelter, it is my responsibility to calculate and order the necessary products for the places, to give out vegetables and perishable products every day, and always to provide our children with personal hygiene products at the beginning of the month.

Most of our children in Kisumu do not celebrate their birthday, sometimes they do not know the day, month, or year. They never received a cake, never mentioned candles, never played with balloons. We are very glad that we children from “Daddy’s House” sometimes have the opportunity to celebrate our birthday. So this week we celebrated the birthday of 3 children.

Every Wednesday, we have a preteens ministry service for children from 9 to 12 years old. 250 or more children come to each meeting. We try very hard to feed them. Children come to meetings after school, sometimes for them, a cup of tea and two pieces of bread is the most delicious dinner or even lunch… And for many, it is the only meal. This time they had a hot time and a Kenyan donut – mandazi. We decided to make an unusual meeting this time. We separated the girls and boys and talked with them about how to maintain cleanliness – physical and spiritual.

Teens first meeting. We faced such a challenge. We have preteens, and then youth. And so, we often lost our teenagers. There they felt big, and at the youth – too small. Now, in order to save them, they have just begun to meet with them. I plan to do them once a month until there are no assistants. And there more often.

It takes a lot of time to prepare the service, and I could not do it myself. I have a great preteens team. 12 people of Kenyan youth. We meet with them every Saturday. I try to pass on everything I know to them. And currently, they are very actively involved in preteens ministry.

I thank you for your participation in my ministry here. Thank you for the financial support.

THANK YOU that together we give love and happiness to many!!!

by Natasha

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