My name is Andrew, I am serving in Kenya, Kisumu, in a mission to help. I continue to work in the missionary house. I am making shelves for bedding in the cleaning room and boiling a window in one of the rooms. Also got to visit our missionary friends and help with the plumbing work. Also managed to visit the crib ministry project.
Special thanks to all who prayed for our need for transportation. Due to the theft of our motorcycle, we had to raise finances for a new one and it has finally been purchased. Praise God!!! Friends, thank you so much for your financial support! Without you, it would be very difficult for me to live and work here. Be blessed!

We are installing a rainwater harvesting gutter. In Kenya we use it extensively for technical needs.

Cutting metal for shelving in the harvesting room.

Bringing in and assembling a bed for a slum family.

Our new transportation. Hallelujah!