Greetings! I want to tell you about the main events of the past week!

We continue the project Feeding! Today our church helps to feed 121 people DAILY!!! Unfortunately, the number of people is only growing. Today there are many hungry children and old people around us, orphans and single mothers with many children! It is very valuable for us that the sisters in the church respond and work well in this ministry! In order for 121 people to eat a hot dinner every day, we need only $33!!! So little, but for some, this is the only chance to eat.

From time to time we hold meetings for all parents, where we conduct training on raising children. This time, they invited the head of the children’s department to protect children from violence in Kenya from the children’s department.

Unfortunately, this topic is very relevant in Kenya. children at school are severely punished, humiliated, and raped. At least in our slums, the reputation of schools is very bad.

We want parents to know about their rights and laws so that their (our) children are protected by their parents.

This week we developed flyers for my main project, and now it will be easier and more beautiful to look for sponsors! You know, we have been living in Kenya for more than 6 years, and somehow it is this area, the area of ​​advertising, that suffers the most for us so far. We try to learn something new and, as Anatoly says, “we move on”!!!

I rarely go to teenage, which takes place every Wednesday, but this week I was! And the role of the jury! Conducted by Miss and Mr. lapping service! Enjoy the talents of our children!!! We love and bless them! Future for Christ. The HELP project was able to buy a bicycle for Michael. A boy from our church. He graduated from the 8th grade and moved to the first grade of high school. School in the city. He had to get up at 4 in the morning in order to have time to do everything at home and come to the beginning of the lessons on time.

His mother drinks heavily and hardly come home. Michael himself brings up his younger brother Liam. Cleans does laundry, cooks, and takes the youngest to school. Now with a bicycle, it will be easier to get to school and then pick up my brother from school!!!

Pray for this family! For mom to get rid of alcoholism, and for Michael and Liam to remain faithful to God!

And finally, the last youth meeting (which takes place every Saturday) was dedicated to Ukraine. The youth prepared a drama, a song, borscht, and many words of encouragement and prayers in support of Ukraine! On Sunday, we continued the topic and, together with the church, participated for the first time in a financial collection for Ukraine! For many years Ukraine supported us and our church, today is our time!

Grateful for your support! As always, we appreciate and look forward to guests.

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