Greetings to everyone from Kenya! Vlada Sidorchuk ministers in the slums of Dunga, in the town of Kisumu.
At the mission I am responsible for social projects. I have written more than 50 responses for child sponsors in the child sponsorship project. Visited several families where help is needed!
Every day we try to respond to at least the minimum needs of people. God gives grace, and when you visit people’s homes and listen to their stories, you realize it’s a miracle they survived and how can anyone live like that? Not eating for days, seeing your children crying from hunger. To live in a den and sleep on the ground, while working all day in the heat and getting pennies for it which you can’t even buy food for!
I am very grateful to everyone who supports missionaries financially and prayerfully! We are very grateful and happy to share the news about the ministry with you.