Greetings from Kenya Kitale. Today I will share with you the news of the week. The project of feeding children from Khrushchev. We managed to purchase several soft toys for the youngest children at the Project. So that their childhood was, at least a little better and more joyful.

Also, this week, at Embrace, we held a market for children. Everyone was able to make their own choice, what they would like to buy things. I think that everyone was satisfied with the new innovations.

Sunday school: This Sunday, the senior class passed tests on the completed Bible classes. Also, the best test takers were chosen, and they received small prizes in the form of sweets.

I have been attending a youth home group every Sunday for several weeks now. We spend time together and do mini services (sing, pray, read the Word of God and analyze the topic, and communicate).

Today I had to visit the emigration office in Nairobi regarding my expiring visa and the missionary visa has not yet been confirmed. I ask you to support me in prayer so that God will solve everything and I will be granted a missionary visa. Thank you for supporting our ministry, Blessings to you!

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