My name is Shkraba Marina, I am a missionary in Malindi, Kenya. For the last week, a team of missionaries came to help me. We went to the prison together. This family told about themselves and their testimonies. The pastor also shared his testimony because he had been in prison before he came to repentance. In the end, we prayed for the guys.
We went to the hospital to pray for the sick. The head of the department (she is Muslim) doesn’t like it very much that I come every week to pray for the sick. And when she saw that I came with a team this time, she didn’t want to let us in. She made up ridiculous excuses. But in the end, she agreed.
We went to visit widows in the village of Ganda. There is a service for widows every Friday. We bought some food for each, then we prayed for them, they left very happy and filled.
Thank you so much Imoce Mission, you precious sponsors!