Hello everyone from Kenya! My name is Vlada Sidorchuk and for more than 6 years I have been living in Africa and serving in the ASSISTANCE mission team. I am responsible for THREE PROJECTS:

1. Sponsoring a child


3. A project to help widows, the disabled, and orphans.

The fact that you support me financially today is a huge ghost for me.

My husband and I saved a girl this week. She fell on the lake and cut her hand at the wrist. My husband sewed up, and I assisted.

Well, of course, she began to send schoolchildren to school, giving out notebooks, backpacks, and other school supplies from their sponsors. Unfortunately, many have to be denied help, because due to the war, many sponsors of children were forced to leave support. We believe in God’s device in this matter!

Visited a girl. Her father died a year ago, now the children are raised by their mother. Hardly enough money to rent a room and food. The girl’s name is Chantelle. She had a birthday. They gave me a cake and a fancy dress! The little one was delighted!!! Said it was her first cake and called her friends over for a treat! I am very blessed that I was called by the Lord himself to serve these people here!

Pray that we will be vessels, relatives of the love of Jesus, His grace, and mercy! For our good works to be the fruit of His work in us.

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