Hello everyone from sunny Kenya)

I want to share a little about our past week. There has been a significant increase in patients this week, mostly burns, festering wounds, and sarcopsilosis (locally known as “dudu”). We usually see patients according to the schedule, but at the moment there are patients who need observation and dressings on a daily basis.

Teachers from local schools send children with “dudu” to our clinic, where we get, process and provide information about sand flea prevention available to children and adults. Also, every day after bandaging in the clinic at the church, we go to bypass patients in the slums. Often on the way people ask to visit their seriously ill relatives or neighbors. This increases the number of seriously ill patients who are unable to come.

All in the same daily we feed children from different slums. Where we not only feed the children, but also learn new skills. Thank you to everyone who is participating prayerfully and financially in this difficult ministry. We pray for you and bless your homes and families.

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