Warm greetings from Kenya, from the mission support team!

My name is Natasha, and for almost 7 years, I have had the opportunity to serve in Africa. You can only imagine the joy that a plate of hot porridge with soy meat brings to the children. I had the chance to speak on a topic, and after the ministry, we distributed a few pairs of crocs. This is how their footwear looked before, and now it’s brand new.

On Wednesday, we had a wonderful service for our teenagers, and thankfully, we were able to feed them a hot lunch. Our youth from the “Year for God” project received training in various skills over 5 months. I taught knitting, and my student worked hard, learning the basics and creating a rug-blanket. On Wednesday, she presented a cardigan she had made.

Together with the mission support team, church leaders, and the IMOCE team, which flew in, we organized the “Happy Time” evangelization for more than 700 children. The kids had their first experience jumping on a trampoline, followed by a snack of juice. We also had a popcorn station where we made more than 15 kg of popcorn 🙌🏽. There was also cotton candy for the kids, and they were fascinated by how the machine worked. At first, they were afraid to eat it, but after the first bite, there was none left within minutes. There was a craft station where the children could draw and make bracelets, among 8 stations in total. At one of them, we shared a biblical story about healing, acted out a scene, and provided a tasty meal afterward.

I also want to thank IMOCE for visiting our children in the shelter, giving them many gifts. However, I believe they will remember most the love, time, encouraging words, and prayers you shared.

I have not written about another aspect of my ministry that requires quite a bit of time, so I’ll share a little. Four days a week, I am responsible for content at the mission support. This includes filming, writing text, rail editing, storytelling about our projects and events. I am very grateful to the IMOCE team, every sponsor, and partner. I am thrilled that I can continue to serve, giving love, and sharing the Gospel with people. May God bless you all!