Hello from Kenya, Malindi, Giryamo Village! I want to share some news from the last two weeks.

1. Ministry in the juvenile prison.
(Engaging, listening to the Bible in Swahili, drawing) This young man, Raymond, was released three days ago. He called me, asking for help to pay for his school fees. Since he only has a mother who is barely surviving due to the lack of work in the village, I went to their village, talked to his mother, and visited the school. He has two more years of school, and during this time, I will cover his fees so that he can continue his education.

2. Visiting families with the preaching of the Gospel, providing groceries, mattresses, and Swahili Bibles.
This is one of the poorest families I have seen. When I first brought them ugali (daily food, maize porridge), the girl almost cried. I brought them food for Christmas and did the same now. The mother also asked me to buy a backpack and shoes for her daughter. Tomorrow, I will go to pay for the school fees for the year.

3. Conducting a home group every Tuesday and reading the Bible with accountability every day.

4. Assisting in paying school fees for children whose parents are unable to afford it.

5. Working on translating the book “Awakening Begins with Me.”

Thank you so much for the financial support! May God bless everyone contributing to the Kingdom of God!