Hello, hot from Africa, Kisumu, Dunga! Praise God, He gives us grace, strength, and joy every day, every week! Our project “Year for God” continues, the theme is “Prayer”. It’s nice to hear the testimonies of the guys, how their prayer is changing, thanks to the truths of the Word of God!

There were 2 leadership meetings this week. For leaders of Adult Homegroups and Youth groups. During this year, 3 leaders of the Adult Home Groups left the ministry. But the Lord gave us 5 new leaders. Thank God!

We recently started working with one family. And they were in grief. A child who had epilepsy died. We went to the funeral to support this family. Funerals here are very important to their culture and your presence speaks of respect.

Thank God, more and more families want to legalize their marriage. We visited a family with 8 children, but they are not officially married. But the woman wants to change that because she wants to serve in leadership.

A man came to us, he lost his business, his wife left, there were problems with alcohol. He came because he needs help, he wants to recover, to devote his life to God. After the meeting, he attended a seminar on baptism with the Holy Spirit and received baptism and the gift of tongues.

Sunday was a wonderful service. Conducted a seminar on baptism in the Holy Spirit. About 30 people were baptized with the sign of speaking in tongues. Thank God for all this work and Glory. Thank you for your part in this Glory. God’s blessings and grace to you!

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