Welcome to the island of Cuba, province of Santiago de Cuba

We want to share the good news. After a strong hurricane last week that damaged many structures across the country, there was no electricity for several days. But we didn’t stop our work.

The kindergarten “Christian Home” continued to operate. We were also able to celebrate the collective birthday of the kids who were born in September. A celebration was organized for everyone with a cake and other treats. This was also possible thanks to your support, our dear sponsors. We are also very pleased that with your help we can improve the menu for children’s nutrition. The work of this kindergarten is a great blessing: this week another young mother received Jesus!!! This is great joy!

Our team was able to have a HAPPY TIME in the suburbs of Santiago. We prepared this children’s playground together with the local church from the village of Nibujon, it was in the Viso region … at the foot of the Kanei mountains, in a very remote and hard-to-reach place. A total of 150 children and 22 adults took part. After the Bible lesson, in the gospel call, about 100 children accepted Jesus into their little hearts…

We ask you to support us in prayer for transport, for successful and fruitful work in such remote places it is very important to have something to move on and that the truck be reliable to go off-road.

We are very grateful to the Lord that together with you we can serve many children and adults. Thank you for your prayer and financial support! Without your participation, it would be very difficult to carry out all this work, therefore the Lord unites us into a One Body, so that we, each in our own place, serve Him to glory and bring His Kingdom on Earth closer!

Be blessed our dear brothers and sisters!!!

by Victoria Chichkalenko

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