Greetings, in touch Havana, Cuba. We want to inform you that all our teams and volunteers support the mission of IMOCE in prayer.

The school year has begun in Cuba and the children have already gone to school, but “HAPPY TIME” continues its work.

This week an event was held in the Old Havana area and it was a big blessing for the area. This place has a special characteristic, here the satanic religion is practiced very strongly: “santeria”. And a lot of adults and children are adherents of this religion. We thank the Lord that our playground took place in this place. And went with a bang and to the glory of the LORD! The Methodist Church has allocated a special place for us since there are no open areas and squares in this area and it is very difficult to organize events of this level.

But nothing is impossible for our Heavenly Father! On this day, a place was found and the electricity was not even turned off, there was light all the time, and we could hold events in full force. It was truly a miracle because here the power is turned off every day for 6 hours.

The team was intensively preparing for this program, not only live puppets but also a puppet theater participated in the Bible lesson! Thank God for our masters who made these dolls.

More than 100 kids took part in the event and 15 of them accepted Jesus as their Savior as also several adults.

We are grateful to the Lord for His mercy. In the city of Santiago de Cuba, in the South of the country, in the local church of Dooku Rex, a kindergarten began to work. This is a great joy for everyone, this is the only kindergarten and nursery of this type in the whole city. Most of the kids are from unbelieving families and families that have problems.

For most kids, this is practically the only complete meal of the day.

The whole church was getting ready for the start of the school year. Collected funds for the purchase of products and materials. Our mission also took part in this and provided material assistance.

Many of these babies are the result of a program to help pregnant women who do not want to have these babies,

We are grateful to all who support our hands and pray for all mission and ministry projects.

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