Hello everyone from Germany! It was here that our project “Little Mom” ​​was forced to move with the outbreak of war.

The week was busy with events. Every Tuesday, together with the Germans, we organize prayer for Ukraine and its people in one of the evangelical churches Bad Liebenzell. They also took part in a charity concert in support of Ukraine. It was organized by Ukrainian musicians who have now become volunteers and go to Bakhmut and Kharkiv. After the concert, we prayed for the way back for these guys, also that God would keep them. It’s nice that our children supported us with pleasure.

Also this month, thanks to the IMOCE Mission, we acquired the necessary household equipment and bought some groceries.

The pastor of our ministry, Alexander Matyushin, as a military chaplain, continues to serve civilians and the military in the vicinity of Zaporizhzhia. Daily praying for people and delivering the most necessary things to them, because there is no light, water, or gas. As he says, his sheep are now in the trenches and cellars.

We ask you to pray with us for him, as well as for all whom he serves in word and deed. We continue to serve God and people! We pray for all of you and thank you for your prayerful and financial ministry in the cause of God!