Greetings to you friends, thank God for His mercies. Although the summer has passed and the all-Ukrainian mission has ended, we continue to serve as regional teams.
Today, the team of the central region held Happy Time in the village of Znamenka 2 in the Kirovograd region. More than 350 children came to the children’s evangelistic platform. Previously, we have never held such events in this village. Trampolines, slides, cotton candy, and popcorn, many people were very surprised that it was all free. Of course, the most important thing for us is the preaching of the word of God! Songs that call for repentance.
And we also want to say a huge ATP to you friends. Many years ago, our mission helped Ruslan from Mariupol, a person with disabilities, but with a big and open heart, the mission sent him an electric seat on which Ruslan could go outside and plunge into society at least a little. Unfortunately, during these five years, the batteries have become unusable and for Ruslan, it turned out to be a huge problem, but God is good!
We want to say a huge thank you to all the friends who connected, donated finances, and were able to buy batteries !!! Thank God, now Ruslan has the opportunity to go outside, enjoy the sun, and thank God! Thank you, friends, for responding to the needs of people! Friends, thank you for your openness, for your finances, for your prayers!