Greetings to you dear friends, God is good to Ukraine! Although the All-Ukrainian tour has ended, our mission has not ended in Ukraine!

The children’s evangelistic project continues to take place in September in the vastness of Ukraine in the Balta region. Happy Time is also being prepared in other areas.

Thanks for your support. We can serve not only children but also families who find themselves in a difficult situation. Together with Anatoly Petrovich Kolomiets, they visited the grandmothers and delivered grocery bags.

Also, a post-project meeting of the team of the central region took place, where Anatoly Petrovich visited us with a word of encouragement and guidance. Friends, we are very grateful to each of you! We understand that without God’s help and your support, we would not be able to do anything of this, we would not be able to achieve 20 thousand children during the summer fast! Hand out over 20 grocery bags and make a table of virtue projects! We are very grateful to all of you, for Vanya’s finances, for your support!