Greetings, dear friends, I want to tell you how the services are going on in Cuba. We thank the Lord for the fact that despite the epidemiological situation in Cuba, our brothers and sisters from the east of Cuba, the village of El Kanei, were able to visit one of the missions, which is high in the mountains, to bless children and families from this place. Also, Pastor Angel Luis and his wife Neris once again visited families who do not have a residence permit. They blessed them with food, clothes and one family was given necessary thing: a toilet. This Saturday, too, the Lord gave us great joy: we were again able to minister to children and teenagers from two new orphanages. There was a lot of joy and laughter. And the most important thing is that the children heard how wonderful our Heavenly Father is, heard various testimonies, and received real children’s Bibles as a gift. We also ask that your friends pray for the pastors from the village of Contramaestre, Roberto, and Tanya, and for their family, they fell ill with COVID-19.

Dear family, mission IMOCE, we are happy to be part of God’s team, helps many, many people, and carries God’s Word to the ends of the Earth!  Be blessed! We are very grateful for your participation and support!