So another week has passed and I want to share a little about it) This week we visited the family of one of the boys from the “feeding” project. Little by little, we are trying to meet the needs of children and families from the slums, this boy got a mattress, he is very shy and may not speak much, but recently he came up to me just said “thank you” and hugged me. I see their changes, I see how God changes their families. The boy’s dad drinks heavily, leave early in the morning and return late in the evening, he is rarely at home, this time when his father came, he was sober and cleaned up the house (which is already a rarity in the slums), and we also continue to visit patients from young to old. Today, everyone together held a small holiday for the children from the project, talked about prayer and how God can answer prayers. Thank you to everyone who supports the mission, thank you that through you God can do his work here in Kenya. I pray for you and bless you!