Greetings from Africa, Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga. Thank God for this wonderful, productive week !!!! My week started, as always, with Bible School. For 2 days I taught the children “A Year for God” on the topic “Liberation”. They talked about what opens the door for the devil in the life of a believer. I also checked the poems by heart, which they did well. But the first test on the passed material was not written very well (. On the other hand, it gave me an understanding of how to convey the material to them more clearly. This week I met with Thomas, who is in charge of Adults Homes. We discussed a strategy for DGs, people whom we can begin to rise as leaders. It was a wonderful time! Thanks to financial support, I can also sow in my leaders. I presented all responsible leaders with a diary for working with home groups and leaders. We have long wanted to go with all the leaders of the DG to go to the campsite. Ivor, Thank God they have sown money for such a trip! It was a wonderful 3 days! It all started with the guys writing to each other the wonderful things that they see in them. It was also an encouragement for me to receive such a letter about myself) The next task was to describe the qualities of a real leader. What is most important and what each needs to grow in. It was also time to talk to the leaders in person.  It was pleasant to hear the testimony of Joe-Joe, a graduate of the “Year for God” project, that in this project he made a very difficult decision for himself, but an important decision was to live by Christ, to devote his life to Him. Praise God for the fact that He is building His Church! Thanks to every missionary! Thank God for every partner in this ministry! Thanks for your support and participation! May the Lord strengthen you and multiply His peace and grace for you!