Hello everyone, I’d like to share the latest updates  on the mission. We  visited a village where people received Christ. we went to do a follow up and people shared testimony of what God didn’t into their life after they received him.  some started to attend church, others stopped drugs and they were open to hear more of God.Praise God they have received the bible and many have joined though them. We got to share  the gospel and pray with people in street.  Praise God some people received Christ. we were able to sit down with some and they  were open to share how they are struggling with addictions of drugs.we got to pray with them and also they received Christ. We visited one church in the village  and shared the word, encouraging them and also we prayed with them.

I was also given an opportunity to encourage 30 widows in the meeting. Thank you so much for your prayers and support may God bless you all.

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