Greetings friends, I am writing to you from the asylum, there is only one place where there is a connection. We have been sitting for an hour already, planes or fighters are flying, I don’t know, the siren is screaming. I watch children who are scared, someone does not understand what is happening. Shortly before the air raid, a neighbor girl recorded a video where she talks about the world. Today was still a very active day, we were able to resettle 23 people in Alexandria.

We agreed on the supply of bread, thank God, the owner of the bakery said that he would give 10 loaves every day for free. We also continue the daily prayer room, every day in church we pray for two hours. We also bought a few more products, which was something to feed people

Today, we were also asked for help, so that we would help with food and household goods for refugees at another transit point based on the school. Thank you so much friends, we were able to buy food in Kirovograd! Tomorrow, we want to deliver to Alexandria! We were able to transfer some funds to the East of Ukraine, it is very scary there. We thank you for your help, finances, prayers, and for support! This is very valuable! Thank you for being with us!

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