Good morning, friends, it was another hard day for Ukraine. To begin with, they began to take our guys from churches to the front, for us this is a pain. We are crying, today we took away our guy from our team, who served very much in our mission for many years.

In Alexandria, we continue to serve all transit refugees, we provide accommodation, food, and warm clothes. Friends, often hearing what people have experienced, the heartbreaks! Therefore, we are constantly preparing places for people.

Other churches have now joined us, just ordinary people who bring food, and things, are ready to accept for the night and for settlement.

We also buy groceries to help. But the stores are already empty shelves and give restrictions on purchases. We accept groups of people, feed, give lodging for the night and pray!! Friends, thank you all for your support, thank you for your help! We travel a lot by transport, so we are grateful that we can refuel cars, help people, thank you for being with us in this difficult time!

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