Greetings friends, it has been a month since war has been going on in our country. A month since we realized that we are capable of more. A month later, they realized that every minute of life is given by God. It’s been a month since the whole of Ukraine went into the mode of heightened attention. Attention to each other. Attention and care for those who are weaker. During this time, we really felt your care and attention.

During the month of the war, with the branches of our mission, our huge IMOCE team, we managed to do something that seemed impossible for us before:

– shelter over 8,000 people overnight in refugee centers.

– Distributed about 1000 food kits and 200 hygiene kits.

– more than 1,000 refugees chose their clothes and bedding because many fled from their homes only with documents and what they were, without clothes and things.

– More than 2,000 people were evacuated from hot spots throughout Ukraine.

We thank everyone who has been with us throughout the month, supported their hands, donated finances, and prayed for us. Unfortunately, the war in our country is still going on, and we continue to support everyone who suffered from the horror of war. We really need prayers!

We would like to tell you a little about the people who stay with us. Call “Do you accept people for the night? What if they are bedridden people with dementia?” We realized that we need to prepare special places for grandparents.

We looked at the wrinkled face of the old woman, who did not even understand where she was going and why, she simply repeated “Are we going home?” And this grandmother is no longer at home. We always meet children with smiles, but what we sometimes hear breaks our hearts into pieces, with tears in our eyes we treat them with sweets, and hugs, and bless them.

Children tell how they need to be strong, that they are not afraid of the siren, and are happy when they are told that these are our planes, and they all dream of playing calmly on the street and not being afraid. And we understand that the children grew up very quickly, with the beginning of the war, childhood ended. We continue to serve the refugees who have come to our city, there are already thousands of them!!!

We sent help to the east of Ukraine, for those who are now in basements, under shelling, where people stand all day on one loaf of bread. To everyone who turns to us for help with things, of course, we give the gospel and preach. And we continue to evacuate people, now people are being taken from Mariupol to Zaporizhzhia, and from Zaporizhzhia, we are taking them to safer places.

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