Warm, sunny greetings to you from the island of Cuba! Every day we thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve with you and expand the kingdom of God.

This week in the city of Havana, we continue to prepare for a missionary trip to the East of the country in the city of Santiago de Cuba. We prepare equipment and purchase the necessary products and materials. We also continue to train and educate leaders and team members to improve our ministry. We also met with some pastors from local churches where future evangelism will take place.

Also, this week, a church in Havana held a service for the elderly and the poor. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to feed and support these people and of course, also share the Word.

In the East of the country, the Ducurex church team held an outreach for children and adults in a remote mountain village called Sabana Ingeniy. A Bible lesson was given. Outdoor games for kids and teenagers.

They glorified the Lord by singing and learning new glorified ones. The audio equipment with which the IMOCE mission recently blessed our church helps us a lot in this.

We sincerely thank all sponsors for this. And of course, as always, at the end of the service, everyone was treated to a delicious lunch.

Our precious brothers and sisters, we thank those for participating in this ministry, thank you for the finances, for prayers for your strength, and for the time that you donate to help others. Praise the Lord for all of you, we always pray for your well-being! Once again, be blessed!

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