Dear ones, greetings from Kenya, Kisumu, Kenya. I want to share what happened this week. I finished teaching the guys from the Year for God project the topic of prayer. Also, this week there was graduation in the “Year for God” project. The guys really grew up in Christ. They shared testimonies of how this project affected them, and their life with God. I believe they will have a powerful impact in the place where the Lord calls them! During evening prayers, personally and with the youth, we continue to pray for Ukraine and the personal awakening of all believers, for the Church. On Sunday after the service, I finished teaching a seminar on how to hear God’s voice.

I also continue to visit people and make dressings, since Tanya Volokh left for Poland to serve refugees at the border. I’m now a nurse. Dear ones, thank you for everything you do for Ukraine and the mission. Thank you for being rich in every good deed. May the Lord richly bless you and protect you and your family. Love you! Thank you for our entire mission “Assistance”.

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