Greetings friends, we are alive and well, this is probably the most precious thing we have now, many of us have changed values, we began to appreciate life and the most ordinary benefits: water, food, sleep, peaceful sky. Today we had a very calm night, no sirens howling and no planes flying, and although our team went to rest at 2 am, as they received people and got up at 6:00, it was 4 hours of real sleep!

We continue to serve refugees, now a green corridor has been opened for Mariupol and Severodonetsk, so we are serving 24/7. How children and adults happily eat hot food! They are happy that they can eat well!

Often, we hear terrible stories, families melted snow in order to survive, and on this dirty melted water, they cooked soup and pasta! Communications are interrupted, and cities are disconnected from electricity, gas, and water! In our city, we continue to serve refugees, many people are our brothers and sisters in Christ from the East and Kharkiv, we help with food, diapers, and things. For families with small children, we are looking for apartments, sometimes 5-6 people can live in one room. Meetings of many brothers of ministers who are working, taking out refugees from burning places

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