Hello, friends from the project “Little Mom”. While we are still rolling around Germany. Now he lives in the Kalva area with all his mothers and children. It has not been legalized yet; everything is in limbo. But we are quiet and calm and there is no war. Every day we hold morning services and have a prayer service at lunchtime.

Children, seeing the planes, are still afraid that they will be bombed. Of course, they received psychological trauma and we Pray that the Lord will heal this. Our elderly attendant from the adaptation center has taken over as a cook in the kitchen and feeds all of us.

Yesterday the children were seen by a doctor, but many need specialists, and since we do not yet have medical insurance, it is still impossible to get help from help.

For the last 3 days, people have started to leave Mariupol en masse in their cars. I help many people, my husband meets everyone in Zaporizhzhia and places them in the church building, then we decide on their movement. Many bombs have been dropped on Mariupol, and vacuum bombs are also being dropped. There is almost no city, huge destruction, and numerous victims. The bodies are just lying on the streets. Yesterday miraculously managed to evacuate my younger sister and her family. What she tells me just does not interfere in my head.

Through our prayers, her family was saved twice from hail, although there is no more housing. The main thing is that they are alive. In our church buildings and apocenter live a huge number of people who have remained just under the open sky. There is no electricity, water, electricity, food, or medicines in the city, it is very cold, due to the fact that Russian troops do not let the humanitarian convoy, people are on the verge of complete extinction.

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