This week I continue to teach the guys from the Year for God project. She taught about conscience and the cross. It is interesting that in the dialect of Leo there is no word conscience)

One girl came to us six months ago, sold herself for money, and prayed with her for liberation. Today her eyes light up as she speaks of Christ, His death for her, and His life in her. Thank God. I also continue to meet people who want to become members of the Church. With everyone, I speak about Christ and the Gospel.

I also meet with people for guidance and correction. Thank God they are open and ready to change their behavior. Another wonderful meeting with Helen. Last week, Vlada and I visited her at home, she received baptism in the Holy Spirit. And this week they were praying for her release. Repented for witchcraft, fornication, and theft. Got freedom!!! I believe in God’s miraculous transformation in her life!

Conducted home group. This time everyone came with the Bible and, notes came on time. There was a good talk about how we overcome the devil with the example of Jesus in the wilderness. Children also come to us for treatment, we are always glad to help. This time a girl came, a big wound, fester, infection. Parents smeared some composition. I tore off the wound for half an hour. It is expensive for parents to go to doctors, and this leads to disastrous consequences. Thank God sometimes children themselves come for help.

On Sunday, she shared the Word about Communion. Praise God for His sacrifice, for justification through His blood!!! Thank you for your sacrifice and service to His Body all over the world! God bless you all!!! We love you with His love, we pray for you!