Congratulations to everyone, Ukraine is in touch! Despite the fact that the war continues in Ukraine, we continue to share the Gospel with people and, thanks to your support, do works of faith, for which we are very grateful!

Power outages continue in Ukraine, which makes our work a little more difficult even now in winter.

Now people all over the world are celebrating Christmas and we understand that we want to present a festive atmosphere to Ukrainian children as well, that is why our teams in three branches went on winter tours to conduct a program within the framework of the IMOCE HAPPY Time project “Happy Christmas” in Odesa, Kirovohrad and Berdychiv .

Each program contains a Christmas story, as well as games, songs, popcorn, cotton candy and sweet gifts.

Most of the children with whom we work are children who suffered from the war, so we are hired to give positive emotions, to distract from what is happening in Ukraine now.

Most of the holidays have to be spent in cold rooms, but this does not prevent the children from praying and turning to Christ!

We were also able to congratulate disabled children from the orphanage in Znamyanka. The emotions of the children cannot be expressed in words!

But we also do not forget about people’s needs and after children’s projects, we deliver food packages for people who need it, especially people who have just arrived from Bakhmut or Kherson.

Friends, we want to thank all of you for supporting people in Ukraine! Thank you that we can preach the Gospel together with you, do works of faith and go forward.