Friends, Kenya is in touch! My name is Vlada Sidorchuk, and I serve in the city of Kisumu, Kenya on a mission of Assistance.
I try to hold meetings with parents and guardians under the CHILD SPONSORSHIP program. There are many orphans in this project who have no one to take care of, so many different tasks lie on our shoulders. Doing these good deeds for them, we always talk about God’s care and about Him!
Thanks to God, the Help project was stable for a long time. Now we are actively helping one large family. Before that, a baby was saved there from meningitis, and now the boy’s father is the only breadwinner in the family.
We continue to feed 138 people every day. To feed one a month we need only $10. We do not take everyone into this project, but only the elderly, orphans, the disabled, and children from dysfunctional families.
Thank you for supporting me as a missionary. That I can be at the base and not worry about how to pay for housing and food! May the Lord bless your intentions in Him and the sacrifice for the missionaries!!! This is a rarity today, but highly appreciated by us!