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The Little Mom crisis center

Supporting mothers and children


The Little Mom project celebrated its 10th anniversary in June 2021. My husband and I have been in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation ministry for 12 years. The woman and her 4-year-old daughter were homeless and lived in an abandoned car in the cemetery. Unfortunately, the woman’s diagnoses did not give her a chance for life. I made this promise to myself, to her and to God

The “Little Mom” project includes two centers: a crisis center for women with children and an adaptation center (this is the second stage after the crisis center, it gives them the opportunity to try to live independently).

Our ministry is aimed at preserving the biological family and helping women with children who find themselves in difficult life circumstances: victims of domestic violence; women with children who are homeless or do not have normal living conditions in their homes; displaced persons with children; graduates of boarding schools with children; women with any kind of addiction. They can live in our centers and receive “all types of social support” from us.

Bishop Benson and his wife Faith Akurio have heard the call of God in their hearts and gladly followed this commandment of serving the children by getting the knowledge and Biblical truth to them. Regarding this service and to the self-sacrificing servants, who are getting rich toward God, somewhere far there in the northern part of Kenya the parents of these students are praying and thanking the Lord for such mercy and grace, are being happy for the newly opened school and drinking water, the children today, having the spark in the eyes, are running to face his/ her beloved teachers, touching the hot sand of Turkana being completely barefoot and blessed.

Almost all of those who come to us for help have never crossed the threshold of a church before, and we have a unique opportunity to preach the Gospel to them in deed and word. All of them become parishioners of our church and give their lives to God. We believe that it is impossible to change without God’s touch and renewal of our values. The centers host biblical seminars, daily prayers, sermons, interesting workshops and events for mothers with children. During this time, we have helped more than 550 women and 500 children. 18 children were returned to their mothers from orphanages.

Currently, 8 women and 15 children are staying at Little Mom. For a year now, our ministry has been very actively supported by the IMOSE mission. Thanks to the mission and its partners, we are able to provide three meals a day for the mothers and children in our center. We also had the opportunity to start serious construction work in our crisis center. It is only thanks to our partners and the mission that we have received much-needed household appliances: a refrigerator, a washing machine, a projector, and a children’s trampoline. We thank everyone who donates and supports the work of the IMOSE mission, and everyone who serves in this mission. All of you are a great blessing to many people. God is doing a unique work on this earth through you; and many people’s lives are being changed beyond recognition. It is a great honor to be a part of such a great and important project.