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The joy of Easter

Spring is the time of the beautiful and bright holiday of the Resurrection of Christ. Children love him very much, but perhaps they do not fully understand, so our immediate task was to convey to children what Easter is. In Ukraine, the Orthodox Church has a very strong influence on people, which is why many still think that Easter is Easter eggs and Easter cakes. With our teams in Ukraine, we carried out the project “The Joy of Resurrection” wherein an accessible form for children we talked about the life, death, and resurrection of Christ – animation performance, games, Easter children’s songs, memorizing a golden verse from the Bible and of course sweet gifts.

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An interesting Easter quest was organized for teenagers, where at each stage the children learned the biblical story, learned the golden verse, and glorified God.

One of our teams had to visit one of their villages in the Kirovograd region, where there is not even an Orthodox church, when they greeted the children with the words Christ is risen, the children did not know how to respond to such a greeting.

We are grateful to God that our teams in Odesa, Kirovograd, Donetsk, and Lugansk regions were able to serve children and adolescents, convey the truth, pray and give the joy of Easter. Despite the quarantine in the country, over 1000 children heard the Gospel Message !!